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  1. My 68 year old mom consulted a doctor after experiencing abdominal pain and constipation. After a visual colonoscopy, colonic polyps were detected. The doctor recommends removal of the polyps. What causes polyps to form? If the polyps are removed, does that mean she is cured?
  2. My mom is 58 years old and healthy. Her doctor recommends colon cancer screening even though she doesn’t have any symptoms of cancer. How is colon cancer screening beneficial?
  3. My father has been suffering from abdominal pain. He was advised by his doctor to undergo a colonoscopy test to check for colorectal cancer. However, he is not willing to undergo a colonoscopy. What are the other alternatives to colonoscopy?
  4. What are the American College of Gastroenterology’s guidelines for colorectal cancer screening?
  5. Is FIT effective for repeated testing in a large group setting?
  6. I am 47 years old. My grandmother had colorectal cancer. Is it hereditary? Could I also get colorectal cancer?
  7. I am 47 years old. There is no history of colorectal cancer in my family. However, this morning, I found traces of blood in my stool. Could I have colorectal cancer?
  8. There is a history of colorectal cancer in my family. Although I have shown no symptoms, I would like to get screened for it. I am not comfortable doing a colonoscopy. Is there any non-invasive method that is used for screening?
  9. Can you suggest an effective approach to improving colorectal cancer screening?
  10. Why is FOBT/FIT a good test for screening early stages of colorectal cancer?
  11. I am 55 years old and saw traces of blood in my stool on two occasions.I read that I need to do a regular screening test for colorectal cancer. I heard about the Fecal Occult Blood Test, that can be done at home. I would like more information about it.
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