Q. What can I do to lower the risk of developing colorectal cancer?
A. Doing certain things may help lower the risk, such as changing the risk factors that can be controlled.

Get yourself screened: Screening is the best way to protect yourself from the disease. Screening helps finding colorectal cancer at an early stage and it's easier to treat.

Maintain a healthy weight: Overweight or obese people are at increased risk of developing colorectal cancer. More belly fat has also been linked to this diseases. Staying healthy and avoiding weight gain may help lower the risk.

Indulge in physical activity: Increasing the intensity and amount of physical activity may help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

Maintain a healthy diet: Limit your consumption of red and processed meats and eat more vegetables and fruits to help lower your risk.

Avoid excess alcohol: Studies have found a higher risk of developing colorectal cancer with excess alcohol intake, especially among men. To help reduce your risk, limit your alcohol intake.

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